Green Productivity: The KD1000

Meet the KD1000. This machine was designed and built to fabricate straight duct segments out of foam base pre-insulated products at unsurpassed speeds.

Making up to 8 simultaneous cuts at a feed rate of 1000 inches per minute, you can turn out more ductwork in an hour than a standard sheet metal coil line.

Fabricate duct systems up to 20 times faster than using hand techniques, all while improving quality and saving material. The KD1000 has all the benefits of high speed duct fabrication at only a fraction of the investment required for an automated sheet metal shop.

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Technology At Work For You

  • Heavy 14 gauge welded metal frame and access panels give your machine consistent performance, making duct true and uniform in segments up to 13’ in length
  • Powder paint process gives you a durable finish that stands up to the task
  • Dual chain drive for consistent non-skid workflow
  • Adjustable feed-in feed-out conveyors with ball bearing rollers for smooth operation
  • Adjustable blades easily set for 1, 2, 3 or 4 sided ductwork as standard
  • Powerful ball bearing motor for a long, reliable service for thousands of feet of duct each year
  • Adjustable roller height for varying thicknesses of material from 3/8” up to 2 ½” for duct widths up to 48”
  • Industrial duty foot switch operating with long cable for flexibility of positioning

There Has Never Been A Better Time

The life expectancy of every KD1000 Straight Duct Machine is virtually unlimited, keeping resale values high and making any GoMech purchase a wise investment.

Step up to the KD1000 for a high capacity production tool with nine powered drive rollers and a sturdy, yet compact, tubular steel frame that insures consistent and reliable performance.

We include a high quality input and exit conveyor tables, as well as up to 7 cutting tools, configured to meet your specifications for a variety of material types and thickness.

KD1000 Product Specifications

  • LENGTH 60"
  • WIDTH 39"
  • HEIGHT 42"
  • WEIGHT 1100 lbs
  • POWER 120v-60hz, 8.4 amp or 220v-50hz, 5 amp
  • SOUND LEVEL <72 db at 5'
  • CONSUMABLES Razor blades: 1 set every 10,000 ft. of duct
  • WARRANTY 1 year on all parts, 10 years on welded frame