Incredibly Fast Fabrication: The KD3Z

The KD3Z is a full computer controlled CNC process for cutting of Kingspan KoolDuct. The KD3Z process facilitates the design, fabrication and assembly of ductwork and fittings.

Previously, KoolDuct was laid-out with traditional measuring tools and duct work was cut from raw panels with knifes...but not anymore. Users design the job in the supplied software, able to preview the output before ever making a cut.

With KoolDuct set on the KD3Z table, the program is run and the operator is free to work while the KD3Z cuts the raw material.

Not only does it save time...but it saves money.

Technology At Work For You

  • Swivel PLC computer and PLC with optional touch screen
  • Virtually indestrucible Keyboard
  • Robust 3"x3" extruded aluminum frame
  • Industrial linear bearing and precision bearing rail
  • Long life spoil board and superior material hold-down design feature
  • A vast library of fittings and ductwork that allow you to make anything you need
  • Powerful nesting software that helps arrange cuts for a higher yield per board
  • Reduces fabrication time from hours to minutes with repeatable accuracy
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Contractor Friendly Design

The KD3Z has been designed by contractors for use by contractors. The machine was engineered solely for the use of KoolDuct and insulated foam panels. The KD3Z process meets the contractor's need to be competitively in today's "green" marketplace.

With the KD3Z supplying the layout, finish work does not require your highly experienced workers. Ductwork also assembles faster and is better dimensionally due to the KD3Z's Cutting Precision.

It even preserves the end of the board, allowing fittings to remain intact on the flat pannel for shipment to the field.

KD3Z Product Specifications

  • LENGTH 195"
  • WIDTH 85"
  • HEIGHT 74"
  • WEIGHT 1500 lbs