The GoMech, Ltd. KD3z CNC Duct Fabrication Machines are a simple, innovative and powerful systems that integrate KD3z Design Center Software, KD3z hand tools and a process to speed you through the design, fabrication and assembly of KoolDuct ductwork.

The new KD3z "High Speed" will cut 1000 inches per minute putting ANY other ductwork to shame. This means you will need to sell enough material to produce up to 30 sheets of KoolDuct an hour. Get to work!

Increase Productivity

With the power of the KD3z CNC automation applied to the fabrication assembly, flat sheets can be pre-cut, addressed with a label and shipped to the field for assembly. You can ship more ductwork in less space and assemble it when you need it, not stockpile it where water and physical damage can occur.

Go Green

KoolDuct is a product that inherently better for the environment than sheet metal ductwork. Not only does it have some of the highest R-values of any duct system on the planet, but adding the low air leakage characteristics makes it truly compelling decision to use on your next project. KoolDuct is a CFC free, low carbon emission production and fabrication process that allows you to know that you are doing all that you can to protect our environment. The smooth aluminum interior provides excellent airflow characteristics and can boast very high IAQ benefits to your customer.

The KD3z is more than a machine, it is a new process that once employed is certain to improve your customer's HVAC system performance, while enhancing your bottom line.

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